The first and the only monument of the legendary vocivoda Valchan is located in the village of Rauvtsi, above the Yovkovitsi dam. Legends about the courage of his cheta and about the uncharacteristic riches seized by the enslavers and given to the freedom and education of the Bulgarians are still told today. there is hardly a better place for this monument to be erected - wherever it looks, only forests, mountains, water and blue skies can be seen.

In his honor in 2015, is the only monument of the famous haidutin in the country Valchova poliana over the village. The monument is truly impressive. The Haidutin stood in full height, proudly standing high, with a rifle in his hand, stepping on three trunks of treasure, staring into the vast expanse. On the memorial plate below, you will learn more about his life and activities, and the memorial complex is also arranged for foreigners to get acquainted with our history.

The Popnikolov house and the Museum of Paleontology - in the center of Elena.

Built in the beginning of the 19th century, this architectural and historical monument of culture is influenced by its original charm and breath of Renaissance Elena. It is characteristic that the style house was built in the epoch of its construction and virtually every upper floor was issued to the lower one, so the house is a model for style. After its renovation, it houses the Museum of Paleontology at the Sofia University. Fossils of fossils are part of the rare exposure for our latitudes.

The native house - Philip Totyu Museum - 20 km to the town of Elena

It is located near the village of Voneshta voda. The Voivoda's native house gives us a chance to touch the life and work of our great revolutionary. Well-arranged place, a must-visit for people interested in history.

Historical Museum Kilifarevo - 23 km Town of Elena.

Located in the center of Kilifarevo, it is housed in the 19th century Seralli's House. The museum has a rich exhibition, presenting life in the land of the city from antiquity to the present day. The gallery presents the period of the Renaissance, the distinction being that the museum treasury gives us the chance to touch the tombstones with the status of masterpieces in the world of art, dating back to the 19th century.

House Museum of Ilarion Makariopolski

A place filled with the spirit of Bulgarian culture is the House-Museum of Ilarion Makariopolski. The home of the Revival wrestler for church independence of the Bulgarians has been restored and provides a glimpse into the life and work of its owner, touching us with his personal belongings and the opportunity to return to the days of the Bulgarian Revival.

Museum of Horticulture Lyaskovets - 25 km Town of Elena.

It is located in the center of the town of Lyaskovets. The only museum dedicated to horticulture in Bulgaria. The exposition gives us an insight into this type of activity in depth. The whole garden plot is something extraordinary, making and compiling a holistic image of the type of livelihood.

Daskalolivnitsata - in the center of Elena.

Within this preserved place from the 19th century there are the temples of the Assumption of Virgin Mary and St. Nicholas, the Elena school school (Daskalolivnica), as well as the Gouneva and Zlateva houses, the Kambourova khan. In the Daskalolivnitsa there is an exposition of educational materials related to the class school, in the middle of the 19th century.