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SPA COMPLEX Elena has a modern and cozy SPA center promising maximum relaxation during the spa or family vacation.For all lovers of peace and tranquility the SPA center offers:

Working time: 10: 00h. - 20: 00h.

About the SPA Center

* Finnish sauna

* steam sauna

* massage studio

* an indoor pool with jacuzzi and a water temperature above 32 ° C

* infrared sauna

*  steam bath

* a heated relaxation area

Finnish sauna


The Finnish sauna, also known as a dry sauna. It is a traditional, efficient and safe method of removing toxins in the body through sweating. Due to its high but tolerable temperatures (usually between 80 to 100 ° C), the Finnish sauna increases the temperature of our body, which in turn stimulates the sweat glands and causes deep sweating.

Salt room


Salt sauna treatments balance the damage caused by our negative living conditions and improve many of the body's functions. The warmed Himalayan salt offers air enriched with negative ions that improves our physical state, and increases our resistance to stress.

Massage studio


The classic massage can be complete and partial. The whole includes the whole body - the back, the legs at the back, the legs at the front, the arms, the abdomen and the neckline. Partial can be done on a particular area of the whole body, with the corresponding area being treated evenly.

Heated relaxation area


The recreation area is one of the most important premises in a spa center. The recreation area is located in close proximity to the thermal zone and the water area. The thermal effect is achieved by stimulation of circulation and stress relieving. They are a place for an ideal break between the various thermal spa treatments.


Indoor pool with jacuzzi and water temperature up to 32 ° C.


Вътрешен басейн с джакузи и температура на водата до 32С.

Infrared sauna


Infrared sauna is an effective means of natural treatment and prevention. Infrared light has the ability to penetrate into human tissue, which in turn leads to multiple health benefits.